About Us

Network Necessities headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana is an unique information technology company


The two major driving forces that guide the Network Necessities systems and services are Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) and Job Satisfaction (JS). Network Necessities commitment to total customer satisfaction in terms of product quality, timely delivery and service makes it stand out among the crowd. The company believes that only if its employees are qualified and happy with their jobs can the company achieve its goal of total customer satisfaction. Network Necessities invests in its people. Network Necessities only recruits people who hold advanced qualifications or exhibit a great aptitude in the job they apply for.

Network Necessities believes that bringing out the best in people gives them room to unleash their full potential. All employees are evaluated each year to make sure that they have a clear view of their tasks, achievement rate and future plans. Network Necessities assists employees in any area where they may need further training in order to make them feel at home with what they are assigned to do. Network Necessities also encourages its employees to play hard as much as they work hard.

These happy employees will share a common goal with Network Necessities - SUCCESS.

Network Necessities

Welcome to Network Necessities. We are a total LAN/WAN Network Integrator specializing in analyses, design, installation and maintenance of all types of networks and network equipment. Feel free to browse and learn more about the solutions we offer.